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What Is Hyperconverged?

In the traditional Data Centre model dedicated components provide highly specialised functions such as storage, networking, backup, compute and compression. With converged infrastructure some of these components are placed into a single box, typically the compute, networking and storage. With hyper-converged all of the components are combined into a single small device. For more capacity, you add more nodes to the cluster. This is a similar model to the Web-Scale approach taken by large Internet companies such as Amazon or Google.

What is SimpliVity?

Simply put, SimpliVity is a Data Centre in a box. It is a single device (only 2RU in size) that contains everything that you need to run your applications and infrastructure. If you need more capacity simply add another SimpliVity OmniCube.

But that is only the beginning. SimpliVity provides advanced data management functions such as de-duplication and compression, automated timed backups and blisteringly fast VMWare copies. By compressing and de-duplicating the data the first time it is seen, SimpliVity dramatically reduces the disk space requirements while at the same time improving performance. In fact more than 20% of SimpliVity customers get better than 100:1 compression ratios. This not only allows you to store more data before you need to expand but more importantly by reducing the physical IO it improves the performance.

The best IO is the one you don't need to have.
Avoiding IO greatly improves performance.

Eight Common Infrastructure Problems Solved

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  1. You’ve been chasing your storage engineers for 6 weeks to provision a new LUN so you can run up some VMs.
  2. Replication to and from your branch office is hammering your WAN link and your remote backups never complete.
  3. Disaster recovery testing is almost as bad as the disaster itself and you don’t really know if it is going to work like it should.
  4. Your VDI solution runs on high-end systems and storage and costs more than just buying really high spec laptops.
  5. Scaling up capacity should be easy, but it’s almost as hard as building a new system all over again.
  6. Backups have a high failure rate or are still running from overnight and have to be killed before start of day
  7. You’d love to be able to vMotion one or two VMs, but you have to move everything on the LUN.
  8. Any new solution means another interface and more tools to learn, nothing new actually reduces your workload.

Why We Chose SimpliVity as a Partner

At 17 Ways, we believe that converged and hyper-converged technologies are the best options on which to run core corporate IT systems. While there has been a rush to market in recent years in the hyper-converged space, SimpliVity have taken their time to fully develop the product before launch. We believe that SimpliVity have the best hyper-converged system available today, suitable as a virtualisation platform for many use cases. 17 Ways are very pleased to be a reseller and SimpliVity partner.

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