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Are you looking to augment your team with someone who has the skills and experience to really make a difference? We have several people available right now with skills ranging from project governance, project and program management, through to people management and team leadership, all on a global scale.

Having worked with each person extensively at one of the world's leading investment banks, we can personally guarantee their credentials.

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IT projects are complex and unpredictable things to manage. They require lots of experience and a high level of skill and coordination if they are to be pulled off successfully. McKinsey found in 2012 that 45% of large projects run over budget and 56% of projects under-deliver.

So if you find yourself involved in a project that is going badly, don't worry. You are in the majority. However don't let this fact make you complacent, 17% of large projects go so badly that they threaten the viability of the whole company.

We have decades of experience running projects of all types and size, from multi-million dollar programs spanning several years to joint ventures and new company set ups. Our experience positions us well to help you with your project issues.

How We Can Help You

Project Rescue

Get us in as soon as things start to go badly. The earlier we are involved the more likely we are to be able to help you. It is always tempting when things are going badly to give them "time to fix themselves". Very rarely does a project get back on track by itself without external intervention.

Project Management

We have access to some of the best PMs around. If you need a full time or part time PM we can help. The importance of a good PM to the success of a project cannot be overstated. Often people think they have it under control because someone is performing the function of a project administrator and producing lots of nice reports. A good PM does a lot more than this.


We can help to build and sell the message about your project including ROI, risk mitigation, evaluation of alternatives and the cost of doing nothing. Without effective sponsorship projects rarely succeed. We can lots of experience of dealing with senior business staff and can help you to get that sponsorship.

Cost Management

We can help you work out the real cost of your project, as well as the full value proposition. In our experience people start projects with an overoptimistic view of the effort and cost. TCO is often really on a partial cost as knock on effects to other areas are not fully considered. The same is also true of the benefits case. Let us help you to get to the true costs and benefits of your project.

Program Management

We can help you to run large interconnected programs of work. Managing program dependencies, inter-related risks and assigning people with the right skills and abilities to the right parts, at the right time, is a complex thing to achieve. We can help you to get this right.


Need help with your Project Management Office? We can help you to get the best our of centralised project management including reporting, cost management and set up of tools. We have run large scale PMO functions with 100+ concurrent projects. We can help you to get your PMO set up effectively.

Any Technology

It doesn't matter if your project is software development, infrastructure, cloud migration, package installation or rolling out process change. We have experience of them all. From installing PCs on desks to exec level project proposals, we have everything covered and we can use our skills and experience to help you.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you to get your projects back on track or assist you in any other way with your project management requirements. We offer a free, no obligation introductory consultation for up to half a day on any aspect of technology.