However much you virtualise or put things "in the Cloud" there is always hardware involved somewhere. At 17 Ways we have extensive experience with many hardware platforms and can provide a number of services to support your hardware needs. Our services include:

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Converged and Hyper-Converged Solutions

We recommend Converged or Hyper-Converged hardware solutions for most general use. We can advise on whether these solutions are right for you once we understand your requirements. Contact Us to arrange an appointment. Our first meeting is always free, so talk to us before going too far down any path. Even if we can't help you directly we will gladly recommend someone who can. We do resell some of the hardware options but we do this so we can get you the best price. We never recommend anything that isn't going to be suitable for you and we stay engaged with you throughout the implementation.

We believe that we are unique in the Australian market for being able to offer real practical advice from our own experience of implementing these technologies and also being able to stay hands-on throughout the implementation. We have been in your shoes before so we understand the real challenges and we can get you the best price on what we believe to be the best technologies.

Call us on 1300 17WAYS (1300 179297) or email us at info@17ways.com.au today to arrange a free, no obligation first meeting.

Branch Office Solutions

Converged Infrastructure is now scalable enough to be a good choice for branch office solutions. With built in data compression and de-duplication you can dramatically reduce the traffic on your network links and still do full backups over the WAN. We believe that Branch Office and VDI are perfect applications for Converged and Hyper-Converged systems.

Call us on 1300 17WAYS (1300 179297) or email us at info@17ways.com.au to learn more.


The job isn't done when your new hardware arrives at the door. You will need to integrate and configure your systems to get any benefit from them. At 17 Ways we have practical experience of doing this and can help you to set your environment up for success. Unlike some vendors, we aren't happy until your systems are live and making a difference to your organisation.

Call us on 1300 17WAYS (1300 179297) or email us at info@17ways.com.au to learn more.


Running Converged or Hyper-Converged systems requires a completely different approach. See our article Realising the Full Potential of Converged Infrastructure. In order to achieve the full benefits you will need to look at your operating model. We can assist you to set this up or if you prefer we can run it for you.

Call us on 1300 17WAYS (1300 179297) or email us at info@17ways.com.au to learn more.

Server Decommission

Retiring old hardware is a difficult thing to do. At 17 Ways we can take the headaches away. We will remove your old hardware, destroy the data on your hard drives with a 100% guarantee that it can never be recovered, and take away all of the old equipment for you. For every hard drive that we destroy we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction showing the serial number of the drive, the date and time of destruction and a photograph of the wiped drive. We use degaussing technology to remove the data and also drill through the device for good measure.

We aim to re-use as much of the equipment as possible and we recycle or dispose of anything that is left in the best way for the planet.

Go to our Server Decommission Homepage for more details and an online quote.