At 24 million messages per second, Solace Message Router Appliances are the ultimate high-speed messaging platform.

Superior Performance

Solace’s hardware and software messaging middleware products can cost-effectively meet the performance needs of any application, with feature parity and interoperability that lets companies start small and scale to support higher volume or more demanding  requirements over time, and purpose-built appliances that offer 50-100x higher performance than any other technology for customers or applications that require extremely high capacity or low latency.

Greater Robustness

Solace offers high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) without the need for 3rd party products, and fast failover times no other solution can match. Distributing data via dedicated TCP connections ensures an orderly, well-behaved system under load, and patented techniques ensure that the performance of publishers and high-speed consumers is never impacted by slow consumers.

Simpler Technology

Modern enterprises run applications that demand many kinds of data movement such as persistent messaging, web streaming, WAN distribution and cloud-based communications. By supporting all kinds of data movement with a unified platform that can be deployed as a small-footprint software broker or high-capacity rack-mounted appliance, Solace lets architects design an end-to-end infrastructure that’s easy to build applications for, integrate with existing technologies, secure and scale.


Simpler Operations

Solace’s solution features a shared administration framework for all kinds of data movement, deployment models and network environments so it’s easy for IT staff to deploy, monitor, manage and upgrade their Solace-based messaging environment.

Serious Savings

Solace reduces expenses with high-capacity hardware, flexible software, and the ability to deploy the right solution for each problem.  Solace’s support for many kinds of messaging lets you replace multiple messaging products with just one, built-in HA, DR, WAN and Web functionality eliminate the need for third-party products. Easier operations and superior robustness make Solace less expensive to maintain  than alternative technologies.

Why We Chose Solace Systems as a Partner

Any time we see technology that is a game changer, we take a closer look. This was the case with Solace Systems. We see Solace Systems as a disruptor in the Middleware market. We like the simplicity of running messaging on appliances, as well as the performance characteristics that handle more volume, minimise latency and make for a more easily managed system. We also like the fact that Solace regularly ranks as one of the world’s fastest growing technology companies.

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