In today's digital world businesses never close. Downtime, especially unplanned, is not an option. Recovering from an unplanned outage can be a time consuming an stressful process. With Veeam, it need not be. Instead of taking hours or days for a recovery, today it's minutes or seconds – for all applications, data, and workloads. Veeam integrates with many of the leading technology providers such as EMC, Cisco, HPE, NetApp, Microsoft and of course VMware.

Why We Chose Veeam as a Partner

We've used solutions from Veeam in a previous role, and have seen the benefits of Veeam firsthand. Being able to recover Active Directory to an individual object level, or even whole containers, has been a life saver at times. The same for Microsoft Exchange restores. The capability it brings to databases such as Oracle and SQL - being able to do a point in time restore is mandatory for today's ebusiness world.

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