Privileged Access Management can be a real challenge to manage, both for IT security administrators as well as those front line staff tasked with managing the end-point systems. One Identity offers a sophisticated method of managing privileged access while making life easier for your end users. With OneIdentity you get:

Protection against privileged identity theft

Sophisticated, well-funded cyber criminals target Privileged Accounts because they provide the admin rights to steal data on a massive scale, disrupt critical infrastructure, and install malware. They usually start by obtaining user credentials, either from employees, 3rd party contractors, or partners. Attacks usually unfold over a period of months allowing intruders to perform reconnaissance, escalate privileges, cover their tracks and finally exfiltrate data.

Protection against privileged insider threats

Users accessing Privileged Accounts, particularly administrative and system accounts on critical infrastructure, pose a significant risk to IT organizations. Malicious insiders with valid Privileged Account credentials can cause serious damage. They can steal data on a massive scale, wipe databases clean, misconfigure core networking devices and install malware on critical systems. They also know how to avoid detection and cover their tracks.

Faster Incident Response

Following an incident, the simple question “Who did what?” is one of the most critical, yet most difficult, questions to answer. Analyzing thousands of text-based logs can be a nightmare and may require the participation of costly external experts. Without recording user sessions, determining the responsible party is almost impossible, and often leads to accusations along with time and money wasted on investigating the incident.

Easier Compliance

Many laws, regulations and industry standards call for monitoring and controlling access to privileged accounts. As a result, companies have to increase their control over business processes, ensuring that only those employees who are authorized can access critical IT assets. Complying with the variety of regulations and standards can be costly.

Why we chose to partner with OneIdentity

We're very excited to be working with OneIdentity for a number of reasons. Aside from the Privileged accesss management, they also offer unparalleled log management and a level of analytics which makes it so much easier to tell 'who did what and when' without having to manually comb through and interpret session logs.

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