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We have the experience to help - Whether you need help writing a strategy, choosing a technology, or reviewing an existing technology or process from operations through to the PMO, we've been there before.

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We have the skills and experience to help you make those important technology decisions.

The partners at 17 Ways have extensive experience running IT teams and technology platforms. We have seen infrastructure and systems run really well which have added a lot of value to the business. We have also seen them being run very poorly and the business not getting full value from their infrastructure and systems investments.

How We Can Help You

Apart from technical considerations, there are often a number of other reasons you may not be getting full value from your IT services. At 17 Ways, we have seen many instances of good technology being poorly managed and poorly presented to the business. We can provide consultation on the following aspects of your infrastructure, platforms, systems or service:

Business Uptake and Engagement

There is often a disconnect between services that IT offer and what the business think they should be getting. If a service is not properly marketed and the business not engaged then there is a perception that the service is not providing value. It is important that business stakeholders are engaged and bought in to the services that IT provide.
We can help your IT guys engage your business and sell their IT services.

Licensing and Vendor Negotiations

You could be missing out on substantial savings if you have not reviewed your licensing and other vendor charges for your service. The partners at 17 Ways have worked across a number of licensing and vendor areas where we have been able to make substantial savings.
We will help you review your licenses, your licensing strategy, and help with your vendor negotiations.

Complete Architecture Review

17 Ways can provide an independent technology review. We see many cases where businesses are not getting the full value from technology they have deployed. We can help look at the way your technology is operating, how it can operate more optimally, performance and capacity, charging models, licensing, costs etc.
17 Ways partners have worked across all major technology platforms and run teams in all major technology areas. We have had wide exposure over many years to a broad array of technology architectures.

SDLC Process Design and Tuning

Software development is a complex and expensive process, requiring an appropriate Software Development Life Cycle to make it efficient. At 17 Ways we have designed and implemented SDLC processes at the team and organisation level. We know that as technology evolves you need to keep your processes up to date if you are to be successful. Let us help you to review and improve your SDLC processes.

Charging and Consumption Models

Many IT systems are implemented with little regard for internal charging and consumption. Without this it is difficult to know if your systems are paying for themselves and are financially viable. You also want your model to drive the right consumption behaviour. We can help review your charging and consumption or help you implement a model.

Utilisation, Capacity and Performance

A system that runs at too much or too little available capacity and performance is an inefficient system. We have seen many times where large enterprise systems are implemented with no tools or reporting to know how the system is performing. Systems run out of performance and capacity when it is needed the most, or conversely systems are hugely over provisioned and you are paying for performance and capacity you are not using.

Cost and Investment Models

We can provide an independent review of your system investments and costs. Are you getting the value you need from your systems? Does your system spend align with your business case? We are able to provide a detailed report of the true cost of your platform, infrastructure, service or other systems.

IT Operations and Support

All too often we have seen systems being inefficiently operated and supported. You have put in a great technical solution, but the way the system is being operated and maintained is letting it, and your business, down. Your business users become frustrated and the reputation of IT is impacted.
We have significant experience in structuring operations teams to align with technology services and can advise on best practices to support your systems.

Integration with Other Systems

Most systems don't operate standalone, however integration is not always considered when systems are selected and implemented. We can work with you to make sure your systems are working as part of an overall IT eco system.

Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting Tools

Monitoring, alerting and reporting are sometimes an afterthought. You may find you have 99% of your technical requirements met, but you are let down by a lack of management tools. This make it difficult to efficiently run your technology as a service.
We can help review your management tools and ensure you have the visibility you need to properly manage your systems.

Disaster Recovery and Availability

Your IT service needs to have the right levels of disaster recovery, availability and backup. These are not key to the everyday performance of your system, but unless you know they meet your business requirements and you know that they work then you risk bringing your business to a grinding halt in the event of a major system outage.
17 Ways can help review your business requirements and benchmark them against what is actually set-up and tested to work.

Provisioning of IT Services

This is a key area that most often lets services down and contributes to a poor perception of your service and IT in general. You have a great technology solution that you have provided for your business but it takes days, weeks or months to provision that technology. The provisioning process is not automated, is broken or is a bureaucratic nightmare. Your technology and/or your processes do not support providing your technology to business users in a reasonable timeframe. We can help diagnose your provisioning tool and process issues and help you get your technology provisioned faster and more efficiently.

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