We have extensive experience with Oracle products. We developed and managed one of the first in-house Oracle as a Service (OaaS) platforms in Australia while working for one of Australia's leading investment banks. We also understand Oracle contracts and licence management, and can help you get the most value from your existing entiltements. We have access to some of the best DBAs in the coutry and can troubleshoot, design and build virtually any Oracle system you care to name. We have been working with Oracle / SUN hardware for over 20 years.

Why we chose to partner with Oracle

Oracle's products are rock solid - we know this from our extensive experience in owning and managing services built on Oracle hardware and software. It was only natural for us to leverage our experience in this space and to partner with Oracle direct.

For more information contact us at info@17ways.com.au, call us on 1300 17WAYS or visit: http://www.oracle.com.au