How do you protect your data from insider threats and cyberattacks? What about data that's stored in the cloud? Varonis could be your answer.

Varonis is a data security platform that protects your file and email servers from cyberattacks and insider threats. Varonis will analyze the behavior of the people and machines that access your data, alert on misbehavior, and enforce a least privilege model.

Varonis doesn't just show you where sensitive data lives, it shows you where it’s overexposed, who is accessing it, and how to lock it down. DatAdvantage will also identify stale data that is no longer accessed by actual humans – save disk space, lower cost and simplify your environment all at once. DatAdvantage uses machine learning and bi-directional cluster analysis to pinpoint users that have access to files they don’t need to do their job. It’s your single interface for managing permissions and security groups.

Why we chose to partner with Varonis

Managing and protecting data is something we have been involved with for over 20 years. We've worked with Varonis' products over the past 10 years and have been impressed with the knowledge and insight they provided. Given that the mandatory data breach notification laws will take effect on the 23rd February 2018, now could be a good time to talk to us about how Varonis can help you before it's too late.

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