Are you a State or Federal Government agency?

We have helped many state and federal government agencies over the past few years. We are an accredited supplier on the NSW Government's pre-approval scheme for both SCM0005 and SCM0020 contracts. We are also an accredited member of the federal government's Cloud Services Panel. We have presented at various government agency leadership forums, and supplied all manner of technology services and advice.

Whether you're simply looking for the best possible price for infrastructure hardware or software, or need help with a project or writing a policy or strategy, we're here to help.

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How We Can Help You

Technology Sales

Apart from our numerous vendor partnerships, we are also affiliated with a number of distributors which includes Ingram Micro, Arrow, Dicker Data and Avnet. This means we can supply a comprehensive range of technology hardware and software products, all at very competitive pricing. Our consistently low overheads means that we can pass the saving directly on to you.

Project Management

We have access to some of the best PMs around. If you need a full time or part time PM we can help. The importance of a good PM to the success of a project cannot be overstated. Often people think they have it under control because someone is performing the function of a project administrator and producing lots of nice reports. A good PM does a lot more than this.

Project Rescue

Get us in as soon as things start to go badly. The earlier we are involved the more likely we are to be able to help you. It is always tempting when things are going badly to give them "time to fix themselves". Very rarely does a project get back on track by itself without external intervention.

Policy Development

We can help you develop and deploy policies and proceedures to help your agency deliver specific outcomes, such as an IT Strategy or an agency wide program. Talk to us about how we've helped other government agencies with their policy development efforts.

Cost Management

We can help you work out the real cost of your project, as well as the full value proposition. In our experience people start projects with an overoptimistic view of the effort and cost. TCO is often really on a partial cost as knock on effects to other areas are not fully considered. The same is also true of the benefits case. Let us help you to get to the true costs and benefits of your project.

Program Management

We can help you to run large interconnected programs of work. Managing program dependencies, inter-related risks and assigning people with the right skills and abilities to the right parts, at the right time, is a complex thing to achieve. We can help you to get this right.


Need help with your Project Management Office? We can help you to get the best our of centralised project management including reporting, cost management and set up of tools. We have run large scale PMO functions with 100+ concurrent projects. We can help you to get your PMO set up effectively.


From simple log management through to privileged access management, we have the technology and the skills to help you deal with all your IT security needs. We have partnerships with two of the world's leading IT security vendors: Balabit and Varonis, which brings a high level of expertise to any security issue or concern. Please call and speak with one of the Senior Partners at 17Ways for a confidential discussion on how we may be able to help you.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all your technology needs. We offer a free, no obligation introductory consultation for up to half a day on any aspect of technology.