Moving to the Cloud?

At 17 Ways we offer cloud services and advice based on real world experience.

We can help you make your cloud journey the success it should be.

Cloud help

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Success on the Cloud is more than just migrating applications.

Cloud technology offers real opportunity for companies that can implement it correctly. But if you pick the wrong use cases, fail to understand how your applications talk to data, or fail to understand clearly all the costs over the life of a system, then cloud can be a very expensive folly.

Let 17Ways help you to get it right.

How We Can Help You

Cost and Benefit

We can provide end-to-end analysis of both the cost and the benefits for you. We can give you the whole picture including ROI and TCO analysis that includes the knock-on effects such as impact on other teams and early termination of existing contracts. We can also provide RTO and RPO calculations based upon your choice of provider.

Vendor Management

With cloud adoption comes the need to depend upon a vendor for your critical systems. We have experience with initial negotiations, getting the best deal (and price isn't the key factor), setting up the relationship for ongoing success and planning for termination and change of vendors. We can help you with the whole lifecycle and if you involve us early we can set it up for success and smooth running.

Selling the Change

Any major change needs a lot of internal, and potentially external, selling. We have experience of selling change at all levels of large scale organisations and can help you to frame the right message so it is properly received.

Choosing a Partner

No we aren't a dating agency but it feels a bit like that when you are choosing a partner for your cloud solutions. We can ask the right questions to find someone who will be a good partner for you. We know the main players well and can find a good fit for you.

Private, Public, Hybrid

Let us help you find the right mix of cloud technologies based upon your usage patterns, risk appetite, recovery requirements and other critical factors. In order to be successful you need to use the right platforms for the right uses.

Following Through

Most cloud pitches include $xM of cost saving based upon eliminating processes, functions or headcount. We have done this for other organisations and can help you to realise your predicted benefits with appropriate implementations.


You wouldn't look at a house and buy it without considering others. Committing to the cloud is a major undertaking and you should look at the alternatives, even if it is only to be sure that you are doing the right thing. We are experts in converged and hyper-converged systems. Even if you only use us for your free half day of consulting, we can help you to review your cloud solution to make sure it really is right for the problems that you face.

Cloud Rescue

Even if you are having problems with your cloud implementation, it isn't too late to involve us. We are specialists at rescue. One of us even worked at the fire brigade so we are confident that if you call us, even if it is late in the process, we can help you.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you to get the most out of your Cloud programs. We offer a free, no obligation introductory consultation for up to half a day on any aspect of technology.