Virtual CIO Service

We have been providing this invaluable service to several of our clients now for over 4 years. We understand what it takes to provide an effective, value for money service. We will happily provide references upon request.

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Free half day consultation session

Get professional IT advice when you need it. Only pay for the time that you need.

From time to time your company will need the assistance of a professional, such as lawyer, tax advisor, accountant or auditor. If your company is large enough then you can retain these services internally, but if you don't need them full time then there are many companies that can provide this service to you.

Typically you get assigned a subject matter expert - someone who has worked with you before and knows your business, so you don't need to explain everything from scratch each time you deal with them. They charge a rate based upon how much you use and when you don't need them, you don't pay.

It's a model that is well established and proven to work. So why is it so difficult to obtain the same type of service in IT?

Unfortunately with IT, things aren't usually so straightforward. You can get very skilled technicians who can fix your network or upgrade your PC... .. but sometimes you need something more advanced.

This is when you find that there is a big gap between contract technicians and the big end of town where the major consultancy firms operate. Experiences with large consulting firms vary a lot but it often seems that they are much more interested in growing their business than they are in helping you with yours.

This leaves you either needing to hire someone full time when you don't really want to, or struggling away on your own and borrowing advice from friends and colleagues.

There is a good reason for this, most of the senior staff are employed as CIOs at other companies or are working for the consulting firms.

Target Audience

Our offering is aimed at companies who need occasional help with their technology. Typically they will have a functioning set of technology and a capable internal or outsourced IT function, but need more senior assistance with technology decisions, strategy or transformations.

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